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Frank Delbert Cochran left Kansas and went to Arkansas to look for work. There he met Luella Ellen Coonfield and married in 1914. Her parents were Lattie Cedonia Little of Shepherdsville Kentucky andBenjamin Wallace Coonfield of Indiana.

Frank's parents were Clora Jane Miller of Illinois and Jacob Benjamin Cochran of Ohio.

Each had fathers who had served in the Civil War.

Luella named a son Frankie in 1927 and he married Anne Carter in 1951 Montgomery Alabama.

Parents of Anne were Emily Alice McClain and Cecil Earl Fenn Carter.   All had fathers serving in the Civil War.  Alice's parents were Charles Allen McClain and Lorena Emma Bozeman.  Cecil's parents were Anna Lou Stone and Wm  Franklin Fenn.

 * * *
In Montgomery AL there was a Susie Mae Cooper who married James Edgar Brooks. She was the daughter of Sarah Elizabeth Carter and Levi Benjamin Cooper; both had fathers who had served in the Civil War. The parents of James Brooks were Annie Clark Ballard andJohn E. Brooks of Tennessee. 
Susie Mae named a son James Jr. in 1925 and he married Mary Ella Thornton.

Parents of Mary Ella were Bessie Mae Hood and Milton Elijah Thornton.  Bessie's parents were Ella Olivia Baxley and L. W. Hood.  Parents of Milton were Mary Angeline Partridge and George Thornton.   Ella Olivia's mother was Louisa Miranda Holt of Holtville.
These are the family histories that I am researching.  

grandma Ann Stone-Fenn-Carter-Dasher of Macon County

Had six children with William Franklin Fenn during her seven years of marriage. She left him in Barbour County Alabama with the children, taking only the baby and moved to join her family of Stone in Macon City, Bibb, Georgia. There she remarried and gave the baby the name of Carter. Little baby Carter told his family that his grandfather was a full blood Cherokee Chief. Of course young Carter was a tall handsome dark man like his siblings, but he did drink too much, so the chief part may or may not have been fantasy. The Fenn boys were tall, over 6' and very dark. Cecils' children and grandchildren also dark complected.

The Carters, Stones, Fenns were all in 1700s Georgia in Creek Indian Lands. Elijah Fenn was the son of Travis and "Mary" and the grandson of Zachariah Fann - Elijah married Martha Rich, daughter of Stephen and "Abiah" Rich. Elijah's son John married Emeline Harrell and Elijah's daughter Letitia married Thomas Rich.

Emeline named a son William Franklin Fenn in 1855. His wife Anna was called Annie. Annie's parents were Mary Ann Hendrick and Augustus Marvin Stone. Parents of Augustus were Sarah Davies and Benjamin Wilburn Stone. Ben was the son of Mary Polly Wells and Michael Stone who lived in Captain John Stones District of Putnam County Georgia. Parents of Mary Ann were Mary Ann Winters and C C Hendrick. Winters' parents were Amelia Lyle and Albert Winters, who married in 1816 Jackson County Georgia which was then Cherokee Nation East. During this era it was quite common to marry a native american and give them a Christian name. 

Anna Lou's baby was named Cecil Earl and he is only found in Texas census records for 1920 and 1930 during his military service first at San Antonio and then at Fort Bliss in El Paso. On the 1900 census Anna's son Robert is not listed so she may have been pregnant at the time and she may have also raised him but I have been unable to locate her on a census after she married or lived with Mr. Carter - she was very young and may have had more children with Carter.

In 1910 and 1920 there is no Robert listed as her son and the family knew him personally and he did exist and I found his tombstone by his brother Frank Jr. Robert was called Uncle Bud and Arthur was called Uncle Lee. Then her son Arthur is not found after 1910 even though family says he married, had children, and died in his 20s.

The Georgia Archives have the death certificates of Anna's parents, A. M. Stone and Mary. On Mary's the witness is Annie Dasher so our Anna apparently remarried after Mr. Carter died.

Family Photos
  • William and Anna Stone Fenn (327 KB)
    1900 Alabama census
  • Elijah Fann (158 KB)
    1820 census of Laurens Georgia
  • Ida Fenn daughter of John and Emeline (464 KB)
    1900 census of Girard in Russell County Alabama- Ida may have been 14 or 15 when she married a man 20 years older - how and why I do not know - she was the sister of William and his second wife was much too young for him - hard to understand this family's traditions.
  • Augustus Stone (273 KB)
    1910 census
  • Elijah Fann (293 KB)
    1830 census of Decatur Georgia
  • Ida Fenn daughter of John and Emeline (387 KB)
    1910 Lee County - named a son Kapolem???
  • Matthew Fenn (116 KB)
    Plantation owner of Barbour County employed indians - page from early settlers book as indicated
  • Elijah Fann (386 KB)
    1840 census of Early Georgia
  • Carolyn Fenn daughter of Annie and William in 1930 (517 KB)
    She married a mixed indian from Choctaw Nation Texas and moved to Creek Nation Oklahoma.
  • William Franklin Fenn (64 KB)
    Tombstone by Madison and Emmett
  • Michael Stone (219 KB)
    1820 census of Putnam Georgia father of Benjamin
  • Robert Lee Fenn 1920 WWI Navy Hospital (440 KB)
    Son of Annie and William was buried on brother Frank's farm beside him - this is the first time I have located our Robert on a census record. Family says he married after the war and lived in Chicago until just before his death.
  • Madison A Fenn - son of John (521 KB)
    known as Uncle Mat and mistakenly buried as Mathew beside his brother William
  • Augustus Stone (484 KB)
    1880 Alabama with daughter Anna
  • Hendrick Christopher in 1850 Troy, Pike, Alabama (324 KB)
    Grandfather C C Hendrick,father of Mary Ann Stone, and spouse of Mary Ann Winters living with Jeremiah Frazer
  • Madison A Fenn 1920 (420 KB)
    Widowed - returned to Montgomery Alabama living around the corner from his brother William Franklin Fenn - they were all close to the Train Station
  • Benjamin Stone - son of Michael (356 KB)
    1850 Alabama - father of Augustus
  • Hendrick 1870 (433 KB)
    Grandpa Christopher took his family to Wood County Texas and perhaps he died there, unable to find him after this census record.
  • William Franklin Fenn 1920 (364 KB)
    Downtown Montgomery near the Train Station on Commerce Street which crosses Madison Avenue - William with his second wife and his daughter Carrie and his son Emmett who did work for the railroad. William died in 1922 and Emmett handled the paperwork.
  • Stephen Rich, father of Martha Fann (305 KB)
    1830 Decatur Georgia
  • Albert and Amelia Winters 1820 Franklin Georgia (300 KB)
    parents of Mary Ann Hendrick
  • William Franklin Fenn Junior 1920 (415 KB)
    Downtown Montgomery near the Train Station on McDonough Street which crosses Madison Avenue - Frank worked for the railroad, shoveled coal into the fire- hauled prisoners of war - wife was Neva Mae Walraven - Frank told his children that the baby his mother took away was only a half sibling and that Carrie was also a half sibling creating quite a mystery for genealogists. Soon after this census Frank's father died and Frank Jr bought a large farm in Elmore County. Frank's children receives nice gifts from their grandma Carter and said they remembered Frank leaving on the train to attend grandma's funeral in Macon Georgia.
  • John Fenn, son of Elijah (260 KB)
    1850 Decatur Georgia, John and Emeline are at the bottom of this census page but their new infant son William is on the next page and they also live near John's sister, Letisha or Letty Fenn and her husband Thomas Rich - perhaps they married cousins.
  • Amelia Winters must be widowed in 1840 (368 KB)
    Jackson County Georgia census helps us with their ages and number of family members and it shows no slaves - Jackson County was once part of Franklin which was Cherokee Territory.
  • William Franklin Fenn 1910 and son Arthur Lee Fenn (435 KB)
    Barbour County Alabama William with second wife, family called her Eva Dakota - she is younger than his children - son Arthur Lee died young - Carrie is not present so she could have joined her mother - Robert does not appear on census either but I did find his tombstone by Frank Jr. Family says that brother Robert moved to Chicago but came back to his brother Frank's farm.
  • John Fenn, son of Elijah (529 KB)
    1880 Tuskegee, Macon County, Alabama
  • Thomas S Fenn son of John (343 KB)
    1910 Montague Texas, brother of William and Madison married Lula and had a son named Thomas Jr.
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Thanks for visiting!! Genealogy takes a lot of time and patience. Gather up your family stories, talk with your relatives to add to those stories, gather pictures and go back through old family photo albums, then order birth and death certificates perhaps on, and marriage licenses, visit your archives or courthouses for related documents; census images will give you names and ages, there ya go, put the pieces together, step by step, and you have a decent family tree with much verification.

My folks were mixed native americans and I am finding many indian names in the branches I am researching and some applications to the Indian Rolls of Oklahoma of various relatives, which add more clues to our family history.

Good luck with yours :) 

Family Photos
  • Grandma Lorena's cousin (210 KB)
    James Stephens, family of great grandma Alice Lorena Stephens Bozeman and her mom was Mary Sue Broadway.
  • dar (1047 KB)
  • Beverly Anne (238 KB)
    Locating Mamaw's ancestors in Hope Hull. Susie Mae Cooper Brooks had a grandpa Carter in the civil war and buried here.
  • 1983 newspaper clipping (441 KB)
    Brooks, Broadway, Lane and Sides may not be a connection, just a coincidence. We knew an insurance salesman, Billy Brooks, who was not our relative.
  • (441 KB)
  • Lorena Emma Bozeman McClain (336 KB)
    great granny, a daughter of Alice Lorena Stephens Bozeman.
  • Lorena Bozeman with Charles McClain (855 KB)
    Annie Alice Carter on 1940 census, the daughter of Emily Alice McClain and Cecil Earl Carter
  • Frank Cochran (1861 KB)
    Daddy on 1940 census, son of Luella Coonfield and Frank Delbert Cochran.
  • James Edgar Brooks (2497 KB)
    1940 census, son of Susie Mae Cooper and James Edgar Brooks, Sr.
  • Cold Springs (122 KB)
    hwy 143 elmore county Thorntons first settlement amidst their many other surnames.
  • Kathy Lorena meets Norma at DAR (197 KB)
    sharing and joining the DAR we are descendants of Peter Edward Bozeman and Nancy Jane Anderson. Norma continues her work to join the Mayflower Society since Nancy was the great great grand.daughter of Benajah Doty....descendant of the famous Edward Doty of 1620s very first Thanksgiving at Plymouth.
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  • Notes (25 KB)
    Helpful research
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My grandpa Cochran had a grandma Catherine Weatherford,in VA, a daughter of Charles, but Charles was in Alabama when she got married in 1811 with his son William (Red Eagle). Well my mom's family was here in 1830 by John and two Daniel McQueens, one married to a Rachel Lewis and here I was researching the possibility that one of Peter Bozemans daughter may have wed a Benjamin Lewis, who had owned the land in 1822, which later became the property of Peter and his heirs, including Lacy's husband Thomas Carter. Edmond Lewis and Benjamin had many descendants all around them. Lucy Bozeman Campbell had a daughter Martha who may be the one who married Mathew Stokes who also owned a piece of this land at one time. Lacy's daughter married a Calloway. Jesse Bozemans son married a Flinn, who's family worked for McGee. They all married into the Sellers, Anderson, Dillard, Gibson, Goodson, Hill, McClain, Stephens, Stacy, Broadway , Fenn, Stone, Carter,families, from Pintlala into Ramer and Pine Level, they farmed and struggled to survive, while defending their country in every war that arised. Several of these names were Justices of the Peace or attorneys as we see their signatures on many documents. One signature was Nathaniel Williams and my parents had seen Hank as a young one playing guitar on his porch. Some came from Chambers County and Talladega, while some went back. St. Clair county was quite popular, as was Marengo county. Then I found the Thorntons and Hood families in Elmore county with Holt and Baxley. All of these soon met the Brooks families who came out of Tennessee. And the Lee and Cooper families were buying up land in Creek country of Chambers, while one McQueen married a Creek and Mr. Thornton had married an indian Miss Partridge in Georgia before migrating into Elmore. Miller, Parker, Little, Douglass, Handley, Coonfield, Young, Wright, Weatherford, into Kentucky about 1800 soon went west, becoming a part of the Cochran heritage. I have recently noticed that the eldest Alexander Cochran in PA who served in the Am. Rev War, has a daughter listed in the DAR, but they have added inserts that he may not be her dad, so family history is always a fun mystery. I see about 20 of our grandfathers listed on the DAR webpage, but may not ever have enough paperwork to prove my direct lineage. But I have joined thru my grandma Bozeman's line. When I found her family on the 1830 and 1840 census of Montgomery County, AL, and studied the many families and neighbors around them, I realized that many of these intermarried and created our great city. They also spread around each of the counties nearby, but we have to keep in mind that most of the land was creek nation and tiny counties were just beginning to form. The train station downtown is along the river, and there are currently many historical markers that this was once an indian village. I am finding our ancestors in many Early History or Pioneers books of various states and it makes me very proud.

Family Photos
  • 1950? Brooks (30 KB)
    Mary and James
  • Carter (22 KB)
    Michael and Jeri, advised me that Jeffrey Earl had passed away and I gave them info to contact Bradford Earl.Also made contact with Cecil Mark :)My uncle Cecil married several times and this helps me to understand why there are so very many Carter families in my research. They had many brothers, even back to John Wise Carter of 1800.
  • Brooks (35 KB)
  • Brooks (350 KB)
  • John Brooks photo (20 KB)
    John Brooks married Annie Clark Ballard in Tennessee and had only one child, James Edgar Brooks in 1895, who married Susie Mae Cooper of Montgomery Alabama. The census shows us that both widowed mothers lived with them ( Annie and Sarah )
  • James Edgar Brooks born 1895 (40 KB)
    Photo with his wife Susie Mae Cooper who was the daughter of Sarah Elizabeth Carter and Levi Benjamin Cooper. Susie's son was James Edgar Brooks Jr. who married Mary Ella Thornton. Mary had Tommy and Charles. Charles married Cochran. Tommy married a Ms Dennis. At one point in the 1920 census records, Susie had taken in both their mothers who had become widowed. The parents of Sarah were Mary Josephine Hereford of Virgina and Thomas Randolph Carter of Hope Hull. The Coopers had an early settlement in Chambers County before coming to Montgomery.
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  • Search It (1 KB)
    Search It
  • Census (394 KB)
    My Study of Census Records was once terrific but the usgenealogy server is now gone so skip over those links. I tried to find each of my ancestors on a census record or some document to prove their history.
  • Gilly and Peter E. Bozeman 1850 (46 KB)
    1850 death and 1862 estate, this couple also has descendants joining the DAR, as do his brothers.
  • Coonfield Lineage (115 KB)
    Thanks to Maxine
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  • Family (66 KB)
    Westbrook Circle
  • Mama (700 KB)
    With Nubbie
  • MC (39 KB)
  • God Bless (34 KB)
  • Mama's Aunt Ethel (95 KB)
    Good Neighbors
  • Tombstone of Sarah Tefft Parker 1821 (132 KB)
    Ashtabula Ohio Mother of Wanton Horatio Parker who had Mary Clara Parker Miller who had grandma Clora Jane Miller Cochran.
  • Peter 1 (2559 KB)
    Jesse, This little piece of treasure found in the South Carolina Archives proves that our grandfather Peter Bozeman was in Darlington SC in 1822, sharing a piece of land with his son Jesse, whom I have discovered buried in Hope Hull Alabama. Peter and Jesse moved the entire clan to Alabama around 1826 - 1827, including Peter's other sons William and Peter E.....but not Meade, who died about 1821. So the elder Peter was in his 70s and barely made the journey of his dreams, to Alabama, where he farmed across the road from Jesse and died in 1829, then his wife Sarah died in 1838. They both must be buried across the street from Bozeman- Carter - Stokes cemetery
  • Hood (865 KB)
    Cain's Chapel
  • Bozeman Hill Cemetery (275 KB)
    Family uncovers small grave stone from the 1800s - this lost and forgotten family cemetery desperately needs attention. Neighbors and relatives claim there are at least fifty more graves to be found in this neglected area where the Hill and Bozeman families once lived. This cemetery is directly behind Hills Chapel Church.
  • Peter 2 (1452 KB)
    Joiner, Vincent M. Joiner was married to Ellen Bozeman, daughter of Peter. Hello Uncle Vincent.
  • Uncle Powhatan (40 KB)
    Luella's cousin
  • Carter (241 KB)
    with Gran
  • Peter 4 (1153 KB)
    Wm Henry and Vincent Joiner
  • Frank's Mom (82 KB)
    Luella on the right
  • 1824 (42 KB)
  • Peter 3 (562 KB)
    Wm Henry Bozeman in 1822 This was my grandfather. William was born about 1802 and died about 1847. He is most likely buried in Hope Hull but I could not find his grave. William married Martha Hill and had Peter Edward Bozeman in 1838.
  • Frank's Grands (103 KB)
    Sam and Bev
  • 1824 (476 KB)
  • Peter 5 (1038 KB)
    Julian Joiner 1824 + Sons of Meady. Peter states he is giving land to his three grandchildren. Julian is the daughter of Vincent Joiner so he must have married Ellen Bozeman, the daughter of Peter. Peter states that Jesse and Peter are the sons of Meady, and these two boys are raised by Ellen and Vincent Joiner. The young Peter becomes known in history as Captain Peter Bozeman in the Mississippi Calvary during the Civil War.
  • Partridge (213 KB)
    SueCarol and Bev locating Grandma Partridge grave.
  • 1786 (42 KB)
  • Peter 6 (1001 KB)
    Map of his land in 1822. This was four years before the great migration of the Bozeman families of Darlington into Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Family (699 KB)
  • 1822 (1828 KB)
  • KC (33 KB)
    KC Luella's grand-daughter, born in Broken Arrow OK
  • Family (667 KB)
    Westbrook Circle
  • Charles Wayne (880 KB)
  • AC (16 KB)

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    My Ancestors
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  • Ella Olivia Baxley Hood (5 KB)
    Holt, Baxley, Hood, Partridge, Thornton.
  • Chart (30 KB)
  • old (186 KB)
  • 1896 (36 KB)
  • old search (6 KB)
  • 1840 (49 KB)
    Montgomery Transciption
  • old (4 KB)
  • Cleopatra (14 KB)
  • old (38 KB)
  • Baxley (22 KB)
    Baxley grandparents to Mary Ella
  • old (103 KB)
  • Cochran-Wright (8 KB)
  • greetings (40 KB)
  • 1816 (2 KB)
    Peter Bozeman
  • old (13 KB)
  • Cochran-Tombstones (14 KB)
  • old (26 KB)
    bits and pieces
  • DAR Records and Numbers (184 KB)
    Many of my grandfathers are recognized by the DAR for their service in the American Revolution, such as Alexander Cochran, Elisha Anderson, Eleazor Brack, Peter and his father Mordecai Bozeman, Nicholas Crigler, Abner Broadway, Charles McClain, Gideon Moon, Jesse Simmons, etc.
  • old (14 KB)
  • Coonfield in book (67 KB)
  • old (52 KB)
    bits and pieces1
  • DNA Bozeman (111 KB)
    Many of my grandfathers are traced back to Peter Bozeman, the son of Mordecai; Mordecai being born in 1735 Bladen County North among many indian tribes as the colonies were being developed. Peter's mother is an unknown mystery.
  • old (15 KB)
  • Coonfield cemetery (119 KB)
  • old (15 KB)
    bits and pieces2
  • old (239 KB)
  • old (5 KB)
  • old (6 KB)
    bits and pieces3
  • old (11 KB)
  • old (61 KB)
  • Census of Bozeman (107 KB)
    Many of my grandfathers are traced back to Peter Bozeman, the son of Mordecai; Mordecai being born in 1735 Bladen County North among many indian tribes as the colonies were being developed. Peter's mother is an unknown mystery. Peter and his family migrated into Alabama about 1826-1827, except for his son James, who remained in Darlington SC.
  • Old files (5 KB)
  • Old files (13 KB)
  • old (12 KB)
    bits and pieces4
  • Old files (47 KB)
  • old (30 KB)
    bits and pieces5
  • old (95 KB)
  • Old files (32 KB)
  • old (3 KB)
  • old (5 KB)
    Early Settlers
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    files/ census
  • Old files (422 KB)
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  • Cherokee (8 KB)
  • old (12 KB)
  • old (23 KB)
    Hills Chapel

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Brooks Families of the South. 
......Hans Brooke had three boys and one girl....Henry, Edward, John and Lula Christine....They settled in Reading PA. The parents died leaving minor children, and the little girl was adopted...John, our grandfather, was bound out to a tailor to learn that trade....He was very unhappy and ran away, arriving in Columbia TN about 1860 and we find him on the Giles County 1860 census in TN working as a tailor but as John Brooks...That year he married Roxanna Permilia Smith 

She was just breaking up with her other boyfriend, Doctor Crittendon Smith and fell in love with John Brooks...John and RP had Walter and Nora before joining a wagon train to Texas where John, Lula, Nimrod and Tom were born...... 

...John died in 1882 of tuberculosis and is buried in Paris TX. Roxanna went back to TN to marry Doctor Terry Crittendon Smith. He actually heard she was widowed and went to Texas to marry her and bring her back to TN. They lived and died in Sandy Hook, Tennessee.

Their son John married Annie Clark Ballard and had only one child, James Edgar Brooks - soon they moved to Montgomery Alabama.

The Smith and Ballard families came out of North Carolina about 1800 migrating into Tennessee's Indian Territory.

Permilia named her first son Walter Brooks, and this author finds no Walter in the lineage,so why use this name? and another son JOHN Edwin but the census looks like his middle initial was H., and JOHN married Annie Clark Ballard in TN and they moved to Alabama being transferred with the railroad and then lived on Adams Avenue near the train station. Annie had only one child, James Edgar Brooks, who became a bookkeeper with the State, and later married Susie Mae Cooper who soon named her own son James Edgar Brooks Jr., a daughter Christine . Susie was the daughter of Sarah Elizabeth Carter and Levi Benjamin Cooper of Chambers County AL.

Annie's photo shows dark black hair and coal black eyes. Annie's parents were both born in Tennessee, James Calvin Ballard and Willie Eudora Craig but their ancestors migrated from the Carolinas. "Dora's" mother was Rebecca Caroline Pennington and she married William Craig in 1860. Rebecca's mother was only known as "Gracy" who married William Pennington, and his mother was only known as "Kezziah" born about 1750 in South Carolina.

Her mother was Caroline Bond, daughter of a John Baptist Bond of North Carolina. Parents of Caroline Bond ( who married 3 times? ) were John Baptist Bond and Kitty Stone. Many researchers are looking into the Stone name as being of Cherokee Blood.

In Georgia was Joseph Baxley born 1815 married to Mary Evans and making their way into Alabama. Their son James married Louisa Miranda Holt and they resided in "Holtville" in Elmore County AL. Also in Elmore County was L. W. Hood who married their daughter Ella Olivia Baxley. Ella's daughter Bessie married a Milton Elijah Thornton in Elmore County. Elijah's parents also came out of Georgia, Mary Angeline Partridge amd George Thornton. Elijah's daughter Mary Ella married James Brooks. Mary Ella's granddaughter married Westbrook.
In the WAR a Colonel Thomas Carter and Captain John Carter with their many children migrated from SC to Talladega, AL and even named their sons after each other. Those sons and grandsons served in the Civil War and John's son, Thomas Randolph Carter went to Montgomery where he married Lacy Jane Bozeman.Her dad Jesse and his siblings had inherited Peter's estate, so as they died off, Thomas made a big land purchase off Henry's share in 1848. So when you look at the monuments of Lacy and Thomas, know that you are standing on the old plantation of Peter Bozeman, in lands formerly owned by the Creeks.

Family Photos
  • Sarah (143 KB)
    Sarah Elizabeth Carter - Cooper with her children including Susie Mae
  • Carter , John Wise (35 KB)
    1821 Land Record
  • Gilly Bozeman (114 KB)
    Wife Of Peter born 1807
  • Thomas Randolph Carter (46 KB)
    With first wife Lacy Jane Bozeman.
  • Thornton, George (56 KB)
    1839 Land Record
  • James E Brooks Jr and Mary Ella Thornton (6 KB)
    Her parents were Bessie Mae Hood and Milton Elijah Thornton. Bessie's parents were Ella Olivia Baxley and L W Hood. Milton's parents were Mary Angeline Partridge and George Thornton.
  • Partridge, George (51 KB)
    1858 Land Record
  • Baxley James H (483 KB)
    Certificate of Confederate Service
  • Baxley James H (64 KB)
    Certificate of Confederate Service1
  • 1888 James H. Baxley (56 KB)
    Land Record - Homestead
  • Baxley James H (351 KB)
    Certificate of Confederate Service2
  • 1930 census of Brooks and Cooper (1512 KB)
    Both their widowed mothers live in this household which includes James E Brooks Jr who later married Mary Ella Thornton and had Charlie in 1953.
  • Baxley James H (618 KB)
    Certificate of Confederate Service3
  • 1930 census Milton Elijah Thornton (446 KB)
    Bessie Mae Hood his wife with children include Mary Ella Thornton who married James E Brooks Jr
  • Baxley James H (398 KB)
    Certificate of Confederate Service4-Judge Smith
  • 1840 John Wise Carter (360 KB)
    Talladega Alabama census, father of Thomas Randolph Carter and the grandfather of Sarah Elizabeth Carter Cooper - great grandfather of Mamaw
  • Baxley James H (796 KB)
    Certificate of Confederate Service-Pension Application
  • 1914 (72 KB)
    John Edward Brooks with Annie Clark Ballard, parents of James Edgar Brooks, of Tennessee. James married Susie Mae " Mamaw" Cooper and had James Edgar Brooks, Jr. - Jr married Mary Ella Thornton.
  • Baxley James H (451 KB)
    Certificate of Confederate Service-Pension Application 2
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  • Lee and Cooper in 1840 Chambers County AL (107 KB)
    Elijah Lee born 1777 married Malinda Phillips and their daughter Sarah F. Lee married Charner P Cooper in Chambers County. Charner's parents were "Alsey" and Andrew Cooper of South Carolina. Charner's son was Levi Benjamin Cooper who ended up working in Hope Hull on a farm owned by Thomas Randolph Carter and married the man's daughter.
  • Ramsey to Herriford and Carter (29 KB)
    Mary Josephine Hereferd's mother was Jemima Ramsey of Virginia.
  • John and Roxanna Brooks families (155 KB)
  • Thornton - Partridge (54 KB)
    Research on Mary Ella Thornton - Brooks' ancestors on her father's side.
  • Carter, Thomas Randolph (47 KB)
    Hope Hull visit to find the tombstone of the grandfather of Susie Mae Cooper Brooks and he was the great grandfather of James Edgar Brooks Jr.
  • Westbrook (161 KB)
    Beverly's inlaws
  • Baxley, Grandmother Ella Olivia (11 KB)
    A visit to the Cain's Chapel cemetery to locate the tombstones of Ella and her husband L W Hood plus her parents buried down the road in Coosa River Cemetery in "Holtville" were James H Baxley and Louisa Miranda Holt. These were ancestors of Mary Ella Brooks, as Ella Olivia was the mother of Bessie Mae Hood - Thornton.
  • Carter in South Carolina (99 KB)
    father of Thomas was John Wise Carter and his dad was Captain John Carter of the American Revolution who married Elizabeth Wise, the daughter of Am Rev Soldier John Wise.
  • Baxter, Rowena Densy (20 KB)
    Grandmother of Annie Clark Ballard Brooks and great great grandmother of Charlie
  • Mary Ella Thornton, wife of James Edgar Brooks Jr (258 KB)
    Her father was Milton Elijah Thornton and her mother was Bessie Mae Hood. This focus on the Thorntons as they migrated out of Georgia into Elmore County Alabama. Milton's mother was Mary Angeline Partridge.
  • 1786 Marriages (66 KB)
    Peter Bozeman and Sarah Brown were the parents of Jesse and William Henry Bozeman, plus another son named Peter E. Bozeman who married Gilly
  • Hood - Thornton - Brooks - Smith (29 KB)
    Tracking family from North Carolina to Alabama through Tennesssee
  • Thomas Randolph Carter born 1820 SC (6 KB)
    Civil War Records............father of Sarah Elizabeth Carter Cooper ..........grandfather of Susie Mae Cooper Brooks.
  • Hans Brooks of Holland 1800 (25 KB)
    John Brooks born 1837 to a father from Holland and a mother from France is what is found on the 1860 census when young John is a boarder in a home in Giles County Tennessee, where he met and married Roxanna Smith. Roxanna had a son named John who married Annie Clark Ballard and Annie then named a son James Edgar Brooks.
  • Partridge, Mary Angeline (4 KB)
    Parents of Angeline were Mildred Smith and George Partridge of Georgia. Her husband was George Thornton of Georgia and his parents were Nancy Katherine Culpepper and Charles Thornton. Nancy's mother was Martha Blackstone born 1814 Georgia, long before the Trail of Tears.
  • Joe Stephens -Civil War (4 KB)
    Joe and Sarah Mills Stephens of Montgomery had a daughter Alice who married John T Bozeman but she died soon after giving birth to their 4th child.
  • Stokes Cemetery on Bozeman Land- Hope Hull (39 KB)
    Jesse Bozeman's daughter Lacy is buried here near her husband Thomas Randolph Carter, a Civil War Soldier, and the grandson of Am Rev Soldier, Captain John Carter... Jesse's father was Peter Bozeman a soldier in the American Revolution. Lacy and some of the children died in an epidemic. Jesse and his wife's tombstones have been separated by a large tree and the stones are broken. The top of Thomas' monument has fallen to the side but Lacy's monument stands tall. The Carters and Bozemans once owned large plantations here. Peter Bozemans grave was not found ( yet ) In fact Jesse's brother William Henry Bozeman was Kathy's ggg grandfather and his grave is not found ( yet )
  • Ballard, James Cal of Tennessee (80 KB)
    Father of Annie Clark Ballard Brooks was married to Eudora Craig in Tennessee. Parents of James Ballard were Rowena Densy Baxter and Larken Francis Ballard born about 1830 in Tennessee long before the Trail of Tears began.
  • Colonial Records (3 KB)
    Saving a few documents relating to my ancestors.
  • Cooper and Lee (49 KB)
    Chambers County Records
  • Bond, John Baptist (80 KB)
    Father of Caroline Bond Smith was married to Catherine Stone - Caroline Bond married probably 3 times in Tennessee but her first husband Thomas Smith was the father of Roxanna Smith - Brooks. Notes on this page include Henry Smith, father of Thomas and then the Ballards of North Carolina - Larken Ballard's mother was Kizziah Dickens.
  • Cooper in Civil War (86 KB)
    Father of Levi Cooper
  • Herriford of Virginia (50 KB)
    Mary Josephine Hereferd was the second wife of Thomas Randolph Carter and their daughter was Sarah Elizabeth Carter - Cooper ( mother of Mamaw ). When Thomas died, Mary had him buried by his first wife Lacy Bozeman and their children.
  • Anderson in Civil War (30 KB)
    Father of Nancy
  • Carter in Civil War (9 KB)
    T. R. Carter father of Sarah
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Alabama Migrations and mine were right in the midst of it.
After the Revolutionary War, the U.S. Government established laws to survey and sell land gained from Britain. The area that became Alabama was originally part of the Mississippi Territory from 1798 to 1817. Many settlers arrived in the area before government lands had been surveyed. Unable to buy, they simply picked a location, built a cabin, cleared fields, and put in crops. Such families were called squatters. Land laws were passed to provide legal title to land for settlers who already lived on the land. Some settlers claimed land by British or Spanish land grants, and others were squatters who claimed land by right of pre-emption....Starting in 1804, U. S. Land Offices were established to sell land in the area which would become Alabama. By law federal land was sold to the highest bidders at public auctions. Alabama sales attracted men from all over the nation, many of them speculators. Groups of speculators bought large tracts, sometimes for as little as $10 an acre, then resold at $20 to $100 an acre. When an auction ended, poorer migrants could buy less desirable land for as little as $2 an acre. The smallest amount one person could buy was 160 acres. Under the Land Law of 1800 a purchaser could put one-fourth down and pay the rest off over three years. But when the price of cotton fell to eighteen cents a pound, few could meet payments on land bought at inflated prices. By 1820, Alabama owed the federal government $11 million--more than half of the national land debt. In 1820 and 1821 Congress passed new laws to deal with this problem. The Land Law of 1820 required future buyers to pay the entire amount in cash but lowered the minimums to $1.25 an acre and 80 acres. Those already in debt were aided by the Relief Act of 1821 which permitted them to keep part of their land and return the rest to the government or buy it all on the installment plan at reduced rates. Introduction to the Settlement Unit: The defeat of the Creek Indians opened the heartland of Alabama to white settlement and caused Alabama fever to sweep the nation. Pioneers by the thousands left Tennessee, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia seeking fertile land for growing cotton. Mississippi territorial law was in place, but when Mississippi became a state, Congress created the Alabama Territory in 1817. Congress designated St. Stephens as capital of the Alabama Territory and approved a legislature of Alabama delegates already elected to the old Mississippi territorial legislature. William Wyatt Bibb, a Georgia physician who had served in the United States Congress and had powerful friends in Washington, was named Territorial governor. He was also elected as the first governor when Alabama became a state December 14, 1819. He helped establish the government, pass laws and administer justice. The following documents deal with cost of government, land speculation, cotton, and law as settlers poured in the area during the early settlement of Alabama.At the start of the 19th century, Indians still held most of present-day Alabama. War broke out in 1813 between American settlers and a Creek faction known as the Red Sticks, who were determined to resist white encroachment. After General Andrew Jackson and his Tennessee militia crushed the Red Sticks in 1814 at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in central Alabama, he forced the Creek to sign a treaty ceding some 40,000 sq mi (103,600 sq km) of land to the US, thereby opening about three-fourths of the present state to white settlement. From 1814 onward, pioneers, caught up by what was called "Alabama fever," poured out of the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky into what Andrew Jackson called "the best unsettled country in America." Wealthy migrants came in covered wagons, bringing their slaves, cattle, and hogs. But the great majority of pioneers were ambitious farmers who moved

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Married in 1879 the Cochrans homesteaded in Graham County, Kansas while on the east coast my other lineage was a Bozeman, William Southampton County 1823/12/13 Member of the Nottoway Tribe asks that any proportion of the lands & money belonging to the Nottoway tribe of Indians may be set apart for him. Includes notice & affidavit.18423473

So far I have two ancestors on the Mayflower, the original Pilgrims, who began to create our country, planting seeds, building shelters, churches, and of course recording tithings and taxes, long before they worked along with the founding fathers, yes they were there too, all together, such a fascinating history for us to realize we are a part of. We are a part of the first 13 colonies, their joys and sorrows, territories, statehood, battle after battle, we were there. Family history is so awesome when one learns when and where and how. Follow your path and enjoy every moment. 

Family Photos
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Fantastic Colonial Records Found....

Series: S213192
Volume: 0044
Page: 00301
Item: 002
Date: 11/28/1816
Document type: PLAT
Series: S165015
Year: 1811
Item: 00098
ignore: 000
Date: 11/1811
Document type: PETITION
Series: S213190
Volume: 0030
Page: 00277
Item: 002
Date: 6/9/1792
Series: S213184
Volume: 0013
Page: 00273
Item: 01

Date: 5/18/1773
Series: S108093
Reel: 0013
Frame: 00299
Date: 4/1/1833

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Named after my great grandmother Lorena Bozeman McClain who was born in 1890 Ramer, Montgomery, Alabama, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing about this great lady and her heritage.

After my parents passed away and my husband died of cancer, I began to write about them and their family trees when I was unable to sleep.

Our families have traveled many miles and intertwined in the same communities, some knowing each other, many moons ago. 

Lorena was named after her mother Alice Lorena Stephens and the story was that Alice's great grandfather was in the American Revolution and married to a full blood Cherokee, giving her a Biblical name. Indian unrest was so bad in the Carolinas, they packed up and moved to Dublin and Ramer in Alabama. Records indicate there were several Stephens Plantations in that area once, near many other migrating families like Broadway, Bozeman, Gibson, Timmons, Dillard, Money, Hill, Gardener, McClain, Anderson, Sellers, with most of their children intermarrying. 

While tracing mom's family on the East Coast I also found my dad's lineage, many of whom migrated into Kentucky and Ohio about 1800. They soon migrated into Iowa Territory and or Arkansas.

It's all fascinating family history, some mentioned in books of old pioneers and such, plus so very patriotic, makes me proud. 

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Mars Hill Cemetery in Cobb County GA

connects to Josiah McClain of South Carolina who's father was Charles McClain who might have been in the American Revolution; Charles had married Elizabeth MOON in Virginia around 1780 and then migrated into the Carolinas where their children were born.

Josiah was born in 1788 SC and found on census in Georgia. The name on his headstone is JOSAH

Josiah had James in 1810, John Milton, William Smith, etc.
Josiah also had Charles Pinkney McLain in 1818 SC

They all had many children.

James named his son Josiah Marion McClain born 1838 who became my great grandfather thru his own son Charles Allen McClain.

Family Photos
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Thanks for visiting I am researching many of my grandparents. Hans Brooks of Holland and his son John Brooks born 1837 in Pennsylvania. John Baptist Bond, Caroline Bond and Thomas Smith, grandson of John Smith, Annie Clark Ballard, granddaughter of Larkin Francis Ballard, Rowena Densy Baxter, Peter Bozeman of the American Revolution, his son William Henry to Peter Edward, Elisha Anderson to Seaborn Montgomery Anderson, Lavinia Brack, Hester Doty, William Sellers, Charles McClain and Josiah, Gideon Moon, Elijah Lee, Andrew Cooper, Frank Cochran, Isaac Coonfield, Captain George Little of Scotland, Christopher Coonfield of Holland, Alexander Cochran of Scotland, Abraham Crigler, Lydia Carpenter, Polly Duval, Jesse Simmons, Kitty Stone, Hester Ward, James Young, Charles and Catherine Weatherford of Virginia, John C. Wright, John Wright Little, Reason Roby, John Fann of England, Zachariah Fenn, Anna Lou Stone, Frank Fenn, Augustus Marvin Stone, Mary Angeline Partridge and George Thornton, Milton Elijah Thornton, Bessie Mae Hood and Ella Olivia Baxley, and many more. 

Family Photos
  • 1850 Roxanna Brooks - Grandmother with her Mom. (714 KB)
    Her mom was Caroline M. Bond, daughter of Mary Catherine Stone and John Baptist Bond from 1700s North Carolina History....Our grandmother Caroline married several times, here with Mr. Dunham but she has her two children with her Roxi Smith and John Smith and possibly her own mother Mary Catherine Stone from North Carolina who has obviously remarried too...........Three generations on this document !
  • Peter Boseman (1047 KB)
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From Bullock County Alabama to Montgomery, Carrie married after 1920 to Ben Johnson of Choctaw Nation, Texas. They are found on the 1930 census of Creek, Oklahoma.

Her parents were Anna Stone and Wm Frank Fenn who had married in 1893 Bullock County and they had six children before divorcing soon after the 1900 census, where Anna joined her parents in Macon, Bibb, Georgia. Carrie was the first born child, then Frank Jr., Arthur, Robert, Emmett, and Cecil who claimed to be Cherokee. They were all very tall, dark and handsome. Family lore is that Frank Jr., told his children that Carrie and Cecil were only his "half" sibling.....

Ben's parents were America Emeline Mills and Nathaniel B. Johnson of Alabama, who moved around a lot, into Arkansas, and into Texas, where the census indicates some children born in Indian Territory. Some of Nathaniel's siblings may have also been born in Indian Territory.

Nat named a daughter Ellen after his sister.

Ellen Gray Johnson, b July 12,1856 Springfield Alabama, d April 26,1952 Monument, Lea County New Mexico, she married William Fletcher Weir, on Dec 16,1881, Brady , Mc Culloch County Texas( I have original Certificate) William Weir wa sborn Dec 19,1854 Polk Missouri, d August 8 ,1937 Monument , lea County Texas, they lived in Texas until early 1906 , when they went by covered wagon with their 8 children to Lea County NM, William purchased the famous, historical Hat Ranch.

Nat also had a sister named Louisa Powell.

Nathaniel's mother was Mary Ann Macon and her ancestors had something to do with the founding of Macon County Alabama. Ironically Carrie Fenn's father was also born in Tuskegee, Macon County, Alabama.

The story of Ben returning to Alabama is unknown. It is also unknown how he met our Aunt Carrie. They had only one child, a daughter named Dorothy and how her name is special to them, is another mystery to uncover. 

Family Photos
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[IMG] 73-Brock-Brack.jpg 21-May-2009 08:10 213K
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[IMG] 198-top-MCStokes.jpg 21-May-2009 08:05 97K


By horse and buggy, the families loaded up in wagon trains and followed the dirt roads to the next stop of their journey, bringing along a couple of cows and a few pigs and the spinning wheel to use once they succeeded with their first crop of cotton, and of course they grew tobacco or corn, rice and wheat.

Some of their estate sales included a gun, a jar, a grubbing hoe, a shovel, a feather bed, and perhaps a lot of medicine, meaning perhaps a box of medicine. Those attending the estate sales and those making the appraisals were usually married into the family and lived nearby on their own plantations. The old roads used were usually indian paths, sometimes friendly, sometimes not, but many were also intermarried with our families. 

Many began in Maryland or Virginia, even in Jamestown, while some were also on the Mayflower landing at Plymouth Rock and then migrating southward along the east coast. They came from many other countries to settle here and fight for their Independence in 1776, being awarded Land for their service and a pension, most often these documents are located in the Archives. 

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  • My Parents (116 KB)
    Root and Branches
  • Hello (6 KB)
  • L P Little book (52 KB)
    About Benjamin Mills - related or not I do have an indian named Lansford Mills married to a cousin Cindy Parker in my family tree.
  • Marriages in Alabama (2159 KB)
  • DAR List (94 KB)
    Several of my great great grandfathers helped during the War.
  • DAR names and notes (95 KB)
    Some of my grandfathers who served our country.
  • Marriages in Alabama (558 KB)
    Boseman, Boazman
  • Family Connections (18 KB)
  • Family Files (67 KB)
    Family Research
  • Marriages in Alabama (1191 KB)
  • Trees (1 KB)
  • Family Links (422 KB)
    Family Research
  • From North Carolina 1700 (142 KB)
    Early family migrations of Anderson, Brack, Sellers, Stephens, from their early settlements of the 1700s in NC as they ventured through Georgia and into Alabama Territory around 1820. Many are found in Hope Hull and Ramer, in Montgomery County AL census of 1830. The Anderson Will of 1834 is found in the local Probate Office. The Bozeman estate sale of 1829 is also found along with military documents signed by Elisha Stephens. I have transcribed the 1830 and 1840 census of Montgomery to study their families and their neighbors who gave us a fabulous history of the State.
  • Family Notes (2340 KB)
    Family Research
  • Summary (2536 KB)
    Data Collection 1
  • Files (22 KB)
    Old Data
  • Family Documents (4 KB)
  • Research (1 KB)
  • Data (23 KB)
    Older Files
  • Search (6 KB)
    Search various weblinks
  • Gilly and Peter 1850 (46 KB)
    Gilly died in 1862 in Louisiana. Peter died in 1851 of cholera along with daughter Peter Ann. Their daughter Edward Jeanetta is being researched by many others online.
  • Southern Migrations (439 KB)
    Collection of Webpages
  • L P Little (12 KB)
    Article Our cousin Lucius Powhatan Little served in the Civil War, became a lawyer, judge, author, and family researcher. He believed we connected to the family of Pocahontas, and his daughter Laura Simmons Little Hawes continued his work. Her daughter Martha Hawes of Arizona sent me a package of their research and Martha had also corresponded with another cousin Dorline Gray Teegardin who grew up with my father. Dorline was a member of a Pocahontas club.
  • Descendants of Peter Bozeman (37 KB)
    His son William Henry Bozeman b 1802 leaves a long legacy along Hope Hull, Dublin and Ramer, throughout the Montgomery County, reaching beyond. William's brother Peter married Gilly and moved to Louisiana, while brother Jesse's lineage died at Hope Hull, and brother Meady's boys went to Mississippi during the Civil War, and their sisters married and moved on.
  • Cleopatra (14 KB)
    Around 1900 cousin Laura Little, daughter of Lucius Powhatan Little, ordered research on Cleopatra, from the American Genealogical Society and was told that Cleopatra did not exist.....yet the Littles still believed in their indian blood, connecting to Powhatan, thus the name was passed on through other generations. Genealogists now believe that Cleopatra did exist. Powhatan may have produced dozens of children that are not in the archives.
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Little Family Tree Research :
all things connected to Captain George Little of Scotland. There has been much speculation as to the birth dates of his children with a Scottish wife, Mary. My thoughts from browsing the 1790 Union District census records are: 
He was born 1733...age 21 when he came to America ( 1754 ) married and then 10 children.....was in war 1776 at age 43 for two years in the Third Regiment of the Colonial Army..was Sargent, Lieutenant, then Captain until Tarleton's men shot him in the hip causing disability......on 1790 census with 10 others in household....I would suspect that since I find no record of all of his daughters and their husbands that it is possible some married and stayed home to take care of the ailing father.

Wouldn't his wife be too old for childbirth after the war?

1790 census shows a Jonas, John, Joseph each in their own household...are they his children or brothers or no relation? They have children!! If Jonas did not marry Betsy Douglass until she was 18, perhaps he had a previous marriage...However if OUR Jonas Little was not born until 1780, as indicated on Laura Little's DAR lineage report, then the guy we see on the 1790 census is "someone else". I personally think that she estimated his date of birth as so many did back then.

Joseph and John Jr are in Colonel Brandon's regiment in 1790 so he is obviously married with family long before they all moved away from SC into TN and KY. So Joseph could have been born around 1750 and his brother's son about 1770 for them both to be in a 1790 regiment ! John shows 9 family members in his household so he's at least been married 10 years.

So the estimated birth dates on other family trees have to be incorrect - these men had to be born before the war and not after....besides at the age of their parents, it might be impossible. Perhaps locating the other sons, William and Thomas, will give us more clues.

George and Mary's daughters were born in the 1760s and I would feel certain that the sons were also........This couple had at least 20 years together before the war and the children were all likely born long before he became disabled. He apparently could not have children with Mary Douglass when they married - in fact there is no record of her having any children after being with Alexander Douglass.

The only other possible theory is that George Little might have come to America with several brothers and they all settled into South Carolina.

Family Photos
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So many limbs and branches to study in this family tree! 

Our Stone - Fenn - Carter family might connect to this guy but we will move on to other research for the Bozeman, McClain, Anderson, Sellers, who joined them in Alabama. These families began in Virginia and spent over one hundred years traveling into the Carolinas and Georgia living among the indians, and we find them in Ramer, Montgomery County, Alabama living among many non white families. Our indian blood is very real.

Name: William A Stone 
Age: 26 
Estimated birth year: 1903 
Birthplace: Georgia 
Relation to Head-of-house: Lodger 
Race: White 
Home in 1930: Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia 

Image Source: Year: 1930; Census Place: Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia; 
Roll: T626_377; Page: 12B; Enumeration District: 5; Image: 0795. 

note: william a stone is shown as a lodger at the springer? hotel on 
tenth street... 
single...born in georgia...father born in alabama...mother born 
in south carolina... 
professional player (i think that is what it states) / 

internet sources show William Arthur "Tige" Stone played one season in 1923 for the St Louis Cardinals...he attended Mercer University and he died in Jacksonville Florida in 1960. 

Family Photos
  • 1850 Seaborn Anderson (486 KB)
    Alabama census shows the father and mother( Lavinia Jane Sellers) of Nancy Jane Anderson Bozeman.
  • 1910 census Dublin Alabama (280 KB)
    shows us J T Bozeman on his 3rd marriage to Samantha Faulk who is on her second marriage; they are white. Notice the nearby Dillard family is listed as black and note that John's brother Peter married a Dillard. John had 40 acres, probably left to him by his father Peter Bozeman. Note the many NON white families around them.
  • 1910 William and Eva Dakota Fenn (370 KB)
    William was born 1855 Tuskeegee Alabama and died in Montgomery in 1922. His sons are still with him, Frank jr, Arthur Lee, Emmett, but still no sign of Robert Lee Fenn yet we found his grave next to Frank jr. Carrie is not listed so she must be living in another household or gone to visit her mom Annie in Macon GA; her marriage record is not yet found. William Fenn managed his cousin Matthew Fenn's plantation in Eufaula until he moved into Montgomery.
  • 1830 Eleazor Brack (449 KB)
    Wilkinson Georgia census - his daughter Lavinia Brack married Elijah Anderson and had Levinia Anderson who married William Calvin Sellers.
  • 1790 census of Peter Bozeman (270 KB)
    in Cheraw, Charleston South Carolina after he fought in the American Revolution. notice two Witherford families nearby.
  • 1840 Benjamin Wilburn Stone (716 KB)
    son of Michael Stone, father of Augustus M Stone, and grandfather to Anna Lou Stone Fenn Carter
  • 1930 Cecil Earl Fenn Carter (3 KB)
    Enlisted from GA he is in Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas working at Beaumont Hospital, still a single man but he married Emma Alice McClain before 1932 when their first son was born. Cecil was apparently adopted about 1910 when his mother remarried to a Carter in Macon GA. Cecil Earl died on Columbus Street in Montgomery AL in 1939
  • 1800 William Sellers (20 KB)
    Marlboro District South Carolina
  • 1870 Peter Bozeman (696 KB)
    found in Montgomery Alabama; wife Nancy Jane Anderson we found buried at Greenwood Cemetery. They had Peter and John + several more children.
  • Cochran Marriage License (192 KB)
    Luella and Frank Delbert Cochran 1914
  • Death Certificate of Cecil Earl (216 KB)
    Proof of his parentage! His military records describe him with dark ruddy complexion, with dark hair and dark eyes.
  • 1790 Elijah Anderson (346 KB)
    South Carolina
  • WWI Millard Milton Bozeman (222 KB)
    son of Peter and Nancy Jane
  • 1910 Charles McClain and Lorena Bozeman (136 KB)
    Married with child Lillie, and living with his mother Elizabeth and her new husband John Gardner in Montgomery County Alabama. Apparently the father of Charles ( Josiah Marion McClain ) had passed away. Josiah descends from his father James, to Josiah to Charles McClain of Virginia who had married Elizabeth Moon and they had moved into South Carolina by 1800. Charles was very dark but his hair turned white at a very young age - his sons were also very dark complected.
  • 1830 Eleazor Brack (446 KB)
    now in Wilkinson Georgia
  • WWI Mead G Bozeman (208 KB)
    son of Peter and Nancy Jane is also buried at Greenwood Cemetery only a few graves away from William Franklin Fenn's grave.
  • Stephens came to Alabama (276 KB)
    from Florida to North Carolina and back through GA, a Cherokee family settled in Ramer Alabama
  • 1900 Alabama census (283 KB)
    Nancy Jane Anderson Bozeman living with J T Bozeman
  • WWI Rollie Bozeman (200 KB)
    son of Peter's son John and Alice Stephens
  • Annie Lee "Alice" Carter (69 KB)
    Results from all of the other ancestors she was born in 1934 with black hair and black eyes, a Cherokee.
  • 1920 Wm Frank Fenn Jr with Neva Mae Walraven (300 KB)
    Montgomery AL census shows them on McDonough Street near Columbus Street - we know his brother Cecil Earl died on Columbus Street in 1939.
  • WWI Jesse Bozeman (211 KB)
    son of Peter's son John and other wife Ellen Bean
  • Death Certificate of Annie Carter (440 KB)
    Anne Carter Cochran
  • 1900 Wm Franklin Fenn Sr with Annie Lou Stone (327 KB)
    Thompson Station Alabama apparently Cecil Earl was not born yet
  • WWI Jefferson Richardson Bozeman (219 KB)
    could be the son of Joseph Bozeman and Josephine Wood and/or the brother of Nathan Bozeman - this line may connect to DAR Patriot Ralph Bozeman of Bladen County North Carolina
  • 1800 Charles McClain (192 KB)
    South Carolina census , father of Josiah who had James who had Josiah Marion McClain who married Elizabeth and had Charles Allen McClain.
  • 1870 John Fenn and Emeline Harrell (521 KB)
    from Macon Georgia to Macon Alabama, they had Wm Franklin Fenn in 1855, and John descends from John Fann and Mary Stone of Virginia thru their son Henry Fann to Zachariah ( Rev War ), Travis to Elijah Fann who married Martha Rich in Burke County Georgia in 1807...John and Emeline also had children named Madisen, Thomas, Ida.
  • 1810 Charles Weatherford (329 KB)
    Charlotte Virginia...could this be the same father of Catherine G Weatherford and also the father of Chief Red we have the correct connection
  • Death Certificate of Wm Franklin Fenn (449 KB)
    Proof of his parentage and birthplace
  • 1920 Eva Finn and William Frank Finn in Montgomery (499 KB)
    William was born 1855 Tuskeegee Alabama and died in Montgomery in 1922. They are found living on Commerce Street with his son Emmett and his daughter Carlyn or Carrie, who still shows up as a Single Person.... He must have been sickly at this point. His grave is found in Greenwood Cemetery, next to Emmett and next to his brother Madison who was often called Uncle Matt.
  • 1900 Nancy Bozeman Adaway (283 KB)
    apparently took in her siblings when their parents passed away.
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Lattie Cedonia Little Coonfield ( daughter of civil war soldier John Wright Little) handed her Family Bible down to her daughter,
Luella Coonfield Cochran and it was full of handwritten notes and a list of family birthdays.

Emma Lorena Bozeman McClain kept several notations in her Bible; her marriage to Charles Allen McClain, showing who their parents were and names of their children. 

Family Photos
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Virginia to Maryland to North Carolina and beyond... 

Fact, fiction or folklore, by the time the American Revolution was over, there were dozens of Bozeman families throughout the South. Dozens received Bounty Land for their service in the War of Independence so those from Virginia or North Carolina might be found in the new lands of South Carolina in the 1790 census records or further back in the Archives.

They resided among several different tribes of native americans and have many indian brides in their ancestral charts. 

Family Photos
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Most believe the Boseman or Bozeman families came from Holland and this we may never know. Edword Bozeman was found in the 1790 census of Baltimore, Maryland; John in Talbot, MD; Lawrence Bouseman in Baltimore. Some served in the American Revolution and received a pension along with grants of land, for instance, the South Carolina Archives lists some as Gabriel, John, Paul, Jesse, Ralph, James, Mordecai and probably more with different spellings of our last name. Of course it would be nice to learn more about Mordecai even his middle name and if he was the son of Samuel Edward Bozeman and Mary White, after all, her brother was named Mordecai and the name Edward has continued over many centuries.

So many names were Biblical yet then we find another set of Bozemans named Ralph, Fred, George, and Lewis. Names were so very special, most often, after another dearly loved family member.

These families were farmers and many had well educated, successful careers, mostly throughout the South, as they explored each new territory as it became available.

Reverend Bozeman did a marvelous job writing his "Sketches of the Bozeman Family" in 1885 and a couple of pages were scanned to share indicating the whereabouts of Mordecai. He does not say anything about Mordecai being a fatality of the Revolution so we can only assume that he died later from natural causes, and hopefully that information will come to light soon. 

The 1810 census of Darlington SC shows only four Bosemans, John, James, Peter and Chapman. 1800 shows a Thomas living in Somerset NC. The name Thomas is carried on through the next century. 

* From 1798 to 1819, a steady influx of Europeans into Alabama settled on land formerly occupied by several Native American tribes. Alabama became a part of the Mississippi Territory in 1798 after Indian cessions in north Alabama. Migration increased after the end of the Creek War in 1814. In 1817, the Alabama Territory was created, and Alabama became the 22nd in December 1819. PETER BOZEMAN was in Alabama on the 1830 census.

Family Photos
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Many of our ancestors have at some point in their journeys, spent time residing in Alabama. They crossed the Atlantic and ventured south for many reasons and on through the midwest.

Some came through Georgia down the Old Federal Road towards Montgomery, some settled in Pike County and others in Chambers County or other areas near it.

Tracing our roots can be very time consuming, and extremely addictive: each day we find a new name to add to the list
of cousins. Each day we find a new story to share and possibly a shocking fact!

Our Little family has been researching a link to the sister of Pocahontas, named Cleopatra, while some researchers say there is no documentation proving she ever existed, they cannot prove she didn't.

Grandma Anna Stone's husband managed the Fenn Plantation in Eufaula, and we certainly read where Indians worked the farm that was owned by Uncle Matthew Fenn They shared every day together and intermarried. Some of the slaves on that plantation adopted the last name of FENN.

My mother grew up as white but learned very early in her childhood that she was different. She was taught to run 
hide whenever the KKK came down the road. Her uncle was told to sit in the back of the bus during the days of prejudice.

Now I search for the answers Mom was seeking - who gave her this Cherokee heritage.

Names I am now searching are: Clora Jane Miller Cochran, Lottie Sadonia Little, Luella Coonfield, Peter Edward Bozeman (Bosman), Josiah Marion McClain (McLain), Annie Lee Stone Fenn Carter, William Frank Fenn, Cecil Earl Carter, John Fann and Emeline Harrel, Nancy Jane Anderson, Sara Mills with Joseph Stephens, Mordicai Bozeman of 1700, Martha Young Coonfield, Mary Epperson Coonfield, Barsheba Clark Coonfield, and several Moons as well.

We all connect thru our old ones and find we are all cousins!

Family Photos
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Tracking our roots, cross country. Many records or legal documents were lost when courthouses were burned, during the war, yet there were many adoptions or marriages that were never legalized as people simply changed their last name. Alabama didn't even start recording birth certificates until about 1908 and Kansas had a lot of errors on the birth certificates of my family...Nicknames confuse the process and back then there were many Buds, Marys, Pollys, Dolly, Sallys, Kitty, Bettie, and usually these nicknames had nothing to do with their legal name, and often times the legal name was totally forgotten by relatives and friends. Mom heard that her dad was often called Nick. His mother's name was Anna Lou yet called Annie Lee. This causes many errors on legal documents such as their death certificate...Cecil's death certificate shows his wife was Ellie McLain but she was legally named Alice Emma McClain and her mom called her by Emmer. Her great grandpa James McClain married a woman only known as Anna and we ask why didn't anyone ask about her maiden name or did she have an indian name before she got married....My Uncle Mat Fenn is listed as Mathew at the cemetery yet his real name was Madison and his mother Emeline was shown as Emily on the census records plus his sister Ida Fenn was listed as Ida Fennel; Fenn was actually Fann in the 1700s. Then I believe that my grandpa William Frank Fenn was really named Franklin... My Dad was Frank but was mostly known as Bud. My Uncle Cecil was mainly known as Junior. My grandmother Luella was called Lue or Rue while her sister Amy Marie was known as Aunt Mae. Luella's death certificate shows her mother's name was Gladys but it was Lattie Cedonia. My grandpa Carter's death certificate shows his wife's name as Ellie but it was Alice Emma and I always heard that her name was Emily. My husband's Aunt Billie was legally named Glennie Thornton and her sister Tutor was legally named Loraine, so I guess very few knew.
Then some liked to use their middle name, like my Uncle Billy preferred to be called Larry...Another issue we deal with is when those native americans were baptised, they were given an English name, so if you were searching the indian rolls, which name would be used? Some just married an indian and "gave" them a Christian name...Indians also liked hearing new names and simply switched names on their own. Plus we had other families who enjoyed changing the spelling of their name like McClain became McLain/McLean/Mc Lane, or the Cochran became Cochrane and Boseman became Bozeman or Boozman or even Bosman and once found on a census looking like Bogeman and then Brooke became Brooks.
Think about Pocahontas - she was called Rebekah. Sequoyah's real name was George Guess, which was derived from Guest or Guist and we find Gist among our relatives in the Carolinas about 1800. Chief Red Eagle was really William Weatherford, the son of Charles, yet some say previous generations spelled it as Whitherford. Then about Chief Powhatan, nobody will ever know the many names of his wives and children, nor where they migrated and the Little/ Weatherford research of Kentucky had focused on a young indian bride named Cleopatra.Few had education, could not read nor write, did not know their date of birth and many did not know their parents nor where they came from. My granny Lorena, known as Aunt Rena, had her numbers mixed up on several papers, but much of her time was spent out on the farm and not in a classroom. Her son Charles Henderson could not read nor write, signed his name with an X mark and he is buried in an indian cemetery near Fort Mitchell. Then we have the prejudiced census takers who wrote down only what they heard instead of the official spelling of names or even the racial problems they had, like the only races were black or white, and anything other than that would be called Mulatto, which really is not fair to the Native Americans that we are seeking. Indians 

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  • Me (238 KB)
    My grandson is made up of all of genes.
  • Marriage Record (524 KB)
    Annie Ballard wed John Brooks in Tennessee
  • Marriage Record (1122 KB)
    John Brooks Sr married Roxanna "Annie" "Roxie" Permilia Smith in Tennessee and had son John who married Annie Ballard.
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Includes many Native American ancestors. 

"I have Cherokee blood in me. I have just enough white blood for you to question my honesty!"Will Rogers

With so many families in former Creek Nation Alabama, it is quite possible we are mixed. 

Frankie was honest, hard working and faithful, grew up on a farm, some education until he joined the Air Force. Baptised in a creek in Chetopa Kansas and read his Bible every day. His word was law and his friends knew that he always had a place at the dinner table for them or an extra chair by the fish pond.

He served in Korea as a copilot of a bomber plane and was wounded and sent back to Maxwell AFB in Alabama where he then told his brother Freelon that it was too hot for him to go there and Freelon went to Korea anyway and died in a truck incident.

Several in my family have had special gifts, the gift of knowing and seeing, the gift of healing or the ability to stop bleeding. Dad had several true premonitions and the night before he passed away, he held me in his arms saying I love you more than you will ever know and he was gone on that Christmas morning.

His sister was born with a veil over her face. His aunt heard ticking in the wall before a loved one died. His granny Clora smoked a pipe and could read the ashes. He witnessed many healings by my mom's granny and he was very close to her. Most made their own medicines. He spoke of his mother spending hours in the field gathering herbs.

He found peace at the fish pond, that is where he could be found on the weekends and I feel now that he is at peace with his elders and loved ones while guiding me along this journey of love.

Family Photos
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Within you will find many webpages linking to the research thus far. Most of our many grandfathers were soldiers of whatever war happened during their time. They all did their duty to defend the nation. There were two Jacob Cochrans in the Civil War and our grandfather was the survivor. There were many Littles in the war as well, several J. W. Littles, some union and some confederates. But there were states like KY, OH, Missouri which were divided and makes our research a bit confusing. Our grandfathers were sometimes fighting each other.

Still they survived, one hurdle after another, and migrated into many other states to find new lands to farm, new jobs, whatever it takes to be successful and fruitful. 

There are several e books to read online, especially Milo Custer's stories of our Parker and Miller grandparents, and our Tefft family in Rhode Island, so yes, we had a great migration out west. 

Family Photos
  • Draft Card Cochran (197 KB)
    Benjamin Harrison Frank's uncle.
  • 1860 census Wm Little (52 KB)
    Saline Missouri He was Frank's Uncle.
  • census Coonfield (697 KB)
    great great great great grandpa Isaac Coonfield
  • Draft Card McClain (193 KB)
    Great grandpa Charles Allen McClain was born 1886 and died 1949 in Montgomery Alabama
  • 1800 census Charles McClain (19 KB)
    Spartanburg SC a great great great grandfather to Frank's wife.
  • Michael Stone in Tennessee (584 KB)
    1840 census image
  • 1860 census YOUNG (35 KB)
    Boone, Harrison Indiana shows Martha Young as a child. History of Indiana books online mention the names of many of our family as they migrated into this territory in the 1820s.
  • Civil War registration Jacob B. Cochran (25 KB)
    Great grandpa Jacob Benjamin Cochran - Interesting document, shows his wife Clora Jane. He served in the Ohio Infantry. Must take note that another Jacob Cochran also served and died, but that may have been a cousin. It would seem that our Jacob was well traveled, as his first wife Mariah died in Iowa, and Clora Jane was in Illinois. But Clora and Jacob went back to Iowa and then on to Kanas as the very first homesteaders of Graham KS.
  • 1850 census John C Wright (25 KB)
    Kentucky A Virginian, great great great grandfather to Frank. John's daughter married Hiram Little in KY. John was married in 1811, to Catherine Weatherford, a daughter of Patsy and Charles Weatherford.
  • 1870 census Hiram Lucius Little and Rebecca (927 KB)
    Texas - new family, 6 new children plus two more from Kentucky - Brooks family nearby - Hiram's baby is named Brooks.....Hiram was the son of Jonas Little and Betsy Douglass. Jonas had a brother named John who went to Tennessee and then on to Texas so it is possible that Hiram followed his Uncle John Little. Rebecca was born in Tennessee and could be Hiram met her while visiting his Uncle John.
  • census 1860 Young (776 KB)
    complete image to see the neighbors and I wonder who the parents were of Martha's mom. She was Minerva Evans of Kentucky, probably native american, married to James Young of Pennsylvania, and his brother George Young lived with them. Some of the younger neighbors could be related.
  • 1850 census Grandpa Hiram Little (46 KB)
    moved to Texas was widowed and remarried Hiram was brother to Douglass, James and Wesley. Hiram was a surgeon in the civil war!
  • 1820 census Charles McClain (29 KB)
    South Carolina
  • Frank's parents (295 KB)
    Clora Jane Miller married Frank D. Cochran as also written in Milo's book. Many photos exist of the Millers with the Cochrans and that is because when Clora's family left Iowa for Kansas, several of her Millers came with the Cochrans. So as my daddy played with Roy or Leroy, or Jack or Wesley, lets keep in mind that they were indeed cousins.
  • census 1840 Georgia McLain families (703 KB)
    Josiah and his son J.W.McLain families are here in 1840
  • James and Wesley Little, brothers of Hiram (59 KB)
    census image Frank's uncles. Kentucky history writes of the murder of Wesley.
  • 1860 census Jacob Cochran (66 KB)
    California- Frank's grandfather spent some time in the gold rush but came back with a sock full of dust and then went to Iowa.
  • Weatherford, Martin (251 KB)
    grandfather of Catherine Weatherford Wright, he married a native american, and migrated into Georgia as he served in the American Revolution, becamed widowed, remarried, led 300 Creeks into battle, and also ventured back and forth to the Bahamas. Each wife named a son Charles and the first one moved into Alabama while the other went to the Bahamas.
  • census 1860 GA Josiah McClain is 70 (586 KB)
    with wife Ann on census image
  • John Abraham Little draft card (176 KB)
    census image
  • Michell Stone from Maryland (16 KB)
    Alabama census Michael of Maryland was a GGG grandfather to Frank's wife.
  • 1850 census Cochran from Ireland (749 KB)
    Alexander is 86 and living with another family
  • Civil War registration Grandpa John Wright Little (29 KB)
    Military registration
  • 1870 census Douglas Little (29 KB)
    Kentucky Frank's uncle spent his entire life in KY as a wagon maker, had his own shop according to the KY history books, then a lawyer and a Judge. Uncle Douglass is mentioned in several history books of Kentucky and it's counties. His son L. P. was also a judge and an author who assisted in some of that history writing. They truly put our Little family on the map so to speak. Douglass took in many family orphans as his family died off.
  • 1850 census Cochran brothers living together (691 KB)
    Alexander living with William
  • census 1790 Peter Bozeman (50 KB)
    South Carolina Born in Bladen County NC around 1755, he served in the American Revolution and was captured at the Fall of Charleston as was also George Little. Peter settled a few miles away on a plantation in Darlington County SC along the PeeDee River by his brother Jesse. Peter married Sarah Brown in 1786 according to the Evan Pugh Diaries, and had 4 daughters on this census. The SC Archives has many records on Peter.
  • 1850 census Catherine Wright Little (17 KB)
    Kentucky The lovely grandma Catherine G. Wright married in 1811. ( G. for Georgia? as most of the men in her family had settled into Georgia about this must be a clue to her father. )
  • 1900 census Jacob Cochran (985 KB)
    with family
  • census 1840 Kentucky (547 KB)
  • Charley Little (211 KB)
    Kentucky Frank's Uncle.
  • census Lousiana (38 KB)
    great great great Uncle Peter Bozeman died of Cholera
  • Michael Stone in Putnam Georgia (661 KB)
    1830 census image NOTE Captain John Stone's District !!
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  • Files (42 KB)
    Documents and Records
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1830s Pennsylvania, bound out to learn the Tailor trade, he ran away after his parents died, losing touch with his siblings.

1861 married in Giles County TN

1870 John removed to Paris Texas -census shows wife as R.P who was Roxanna Permilia Smith of TN and that his father Hans was from Holland and mother from France. When John died Roxanna went back to TN and remarried. John Jr married Anne Ballard and named a son James and they migrated to Montgomery Alabama. James was a bookkeeper working for the State and married Susie Mae Cooper, naming a son James Jr in 1925. James Jr. married Mary Ella Thornton and had sons, Johnny, Tommy, Frank and Charlie.

Tracing the many surnames intermarried with the Brooks families. 

Family Photos
  • WWI (63 KB)
    Grandfather Brooks
  • Marriage Records (524 KB)
    Brooks of Tennessee married Annie Ballard
  • Marriage Records (1122 KB)
    Brooks of Tennessee married Annie P. Smith, legally named Roxanna Permilia.
  • 1821 (212 KB)
    Grandfather Carter John Wise Carter bought land in St Clair County. Son of John Carter of the Am Rev War who had married Elizabeth Wise in SC, thus the name of her son. Elizabeth Carter bought land in 1822, then Thomas in 1839 so was this also her son. John Wise Carter also named a son Thomas Randolph Carter who served in the civil war.
Related Files
  • Land Records (1 KB)
    list of Carter land purchases in St Clair County while rootsweb land records show us that a Thomas bought land in 1826 and a John Wise in 1822 got land there per the Creek Treaty.
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Family Genealogy 

Native Americans of South Carolina
VERY IMPORTANT FIND: 1719 South Carolina Assembly in determining who should be "indian" for tax purposes (Indian slaves were adjudged at a lower tax rate than negro the idea is to get as much tax as possible...remember, censuses were also intended to assess the taxable citizens in any given area, so race was determined by what the census enumerator felt that the person should be taxed as.) The Act passed that year stated "And for preventing all doubts and scruples that may arise what ought to be rated on mustees, mulattoes, etc. all such slaves not entirely Indian should be accounted as negro." Inference: persons of Indian blood less than full-blood would be legally documented as "negro". It is apparent that by the time of the founding of Fort Christana at the NC/VA border, a large segment of the Siouan/Tuscarora/Algonquin Indians which were settled there and put to work as miners, were already mixed with white and Portuguese blood. By the time of the closing of the Fort, and the migrating of these Indian mixed-bloods to the shores of the Pamunkey River at around 1720, many of the families were so mixed and acculturated, that they were no longer legally or socially regarded as "Indian"....of course, they still had a high degree of Indian blood, and a strong Indian identity, but for the most part they went about their lives much like their white neighbors, farming, raising cattle, acquiring and titles, etc. 

By the 1750's when these Christian, English-speaking, literate, industrious, mixed-blood families began to spread to southern NC and northern SC, those white colonists didn't know what to do with these people. Usually when they 'toed-the-line' socially, financially, and legally, these is little documentation to distinguish them from their white neighbors... its only when someone crosses the line that their is some legal case, tax dispute, violent confrontation, etc., etc., which of course documents these peoples' ancestry in the darkest possible light. 

The single most important point here is wasn't the "mixed-blood" factor that held these people together as separate communities (there are many families of mixed black/white ancestry or white/Indian ancestry that melted into the larger white or black population) ... it wasn't the Portuguese ancestry that held these people together as separate communities (many of the families did not claim Portuguese ancestry, and the majority did not claim it as their first choice of racial identity) was the Indian ancestry that was the identity and motivating factor which caused them to live separately from their white and black neighbors.

Family Photos
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Alexander, William, Jacob, Cochrans of Pennsylvania into Ohio.

Was the Captain Alexander Cochran of the American Revolution my ancestor?

Uncertainty about Hugh Cochran of 1700s Maryland but he also named a son Alexander. Yet they may all connect to Clan Cochran of Europe.

My Alexander and William were the only two Cochran families in Guernsey Ohio in 1800 and 1810, then their sons began their own legacy of Cochran.

Family tale is that two went into Canada and never returned. Some settled in Iowa Territory for many years, then California, Kansas and Arizona, with descendants in Colorado and Alabama. 

In 1913 Arkansas a nice blend of genealogy began with the marriage of Frank and Luella, and once again in 1951 with Frank and Anne.

1972 with the marriage of Charles and Kathy, the surnames in the family tree doubled, and their daughter's marriage with Westbrook increases the number of Grandparents to baby "Carter".

Carter has a strong ancestry, full of faith and patriotism, honest, hard working individuals who have created a loving legacy for him to continue. 

Family Photos
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Working with family stories of the old days, tales of medicine women, and their beloved soldiers of the many wars in our country, I may not be able to prove or officially document
our Native American ancestry, yet knowing it is in my heart and in my spirit, is all that is really important.

The stories consist of one great granny who was a well known healer in Dublin, Alabama; one who could read the ashes after smoking her pipe; one aunt born with a veil over her face ( which was removed three times) which was the sign of a seer. The amazing intuition of my father, who left work immediately when it thundered, knowing that his baby was about to be born, and yes, I was born that day, in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Then we are told of Mr Ward, working in his field, as a strong 
thunderstorm approached, he slammed his axe into the ground,
and the skies cleared.

Our families pass on many interesting stories but they all 
spoke the English language, yet practiced good survival skills.

I would love to learn more about their culture and language, and teach our children to respect these and the ways of our elders. Yet we have the stories to pass on and the love, truth and respect that were taught to me. 

When Indians learned about Christianity, they welcomed new knowledge of GOD and the afterlife with their elders. They were in awe, learning of Jesus, and of course we were told the Mormons believe that Jesus appeared to the Old America, so perhaps this faith was quite welcomed by most the tribes when the Europeans arrived.

So when they were Baptized, many were given new names to use and they are almost impossible to trace now. Some Indians changed their name more than once during their lifetime.

Our Stephens line in 1760 married an unknown full blood Cherokee woman in NC and gave her a Biblical Name.

Due to Indian unrest and the Trail of Tears, many Eastern Band Cherokee fled south or up into the mountains (OverHill) to escape the laws and disease of the white man. Our family believes that Charles Weatherford "may" have fathered our Kitty Weatherford in Virgina before moving to Alabama and fathering Chief Red Eagle. We also might connect our Cochran, Little, Wright lines to Cleopatra, sister of Pocahontas. Many of this line came from South Carolina and Virginia into Tennesee and Kentucky before moving to the Midwest.

Mother's line in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina came into Alabama for quite some time before some moved west.
(Moon, McClain, Bozeman,Anderson, Stephens)

Census takers were very prejudiced and would not recognize Indians owning property so they put most down as blacks or mulatto - in some cases the Indian feared the government finding them so they called them selves blacks or whites.

After the Trail of Tears, they believed that no Indians existed in other areas, so no Indians appeared on census records, and had to be found on the Indian Nation Rolls in Oklahoma.

Thus we hope to find our ancestors registered on the Indian Rolls, somehow, but it sure seems to be an endless journey.

Wa do 

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My parents were married in Montgomery Alabama
his parents were Mary Ella Thornton and James Edgar Brooks Jr
her parents were Anne Alice Carter and Frankie Lavern Cochran
his grandparents were Bessie Mae Hood and Milton Elijah Thornton/ and Susie Mae Cooper and James Edgar Brooks Sr.
her grandparents were Alice Emma McClain and Cecil Earl Fenn Carter/ and Luella Ellen Coonfield and Frank Delbert Cochran

parents of Frank Delbert Cochran were Clora Jane Miller ( daughter of Mary Clara Parker and James Madison Miller) and Jacob Benjamin Cochran ( son of Martha Henderson and Alexander Cochran)

Parents of Luella Coonfield were Lattie Cedonia Little ( daughter of John Wright Little and Catherine Crigler ) and Benjamin Wallace Coonfield ( son of Martha Frances Young and Benjamin Wylie Coonfield )

Parents of Alice McClain were Lorena Bozeman ( daughter of John Thomas Bozeman and Alice Lorena Stephens ) and Charles Allen McClain ( son of Josiah Marion McClain and Elizabeth Broadway )

Parents of Cecil Earl Fenn Carter were Anna Lou Stone ( daughter of Mary Ann Hendrick and Augustus Marvin Stone) and William Franklin Fenn ( son of John Fenn and Emeline Harrell )

Parents of Bessie Mae Hood were Ella Olivia Baxley ( daughter of Maranda and James H Baxley) and L Wesley Hood

Parents of Milton Elijah Thornton were Mary Angeline Partridge and George Thornton.

Parents of James Brooks were Annie Clark Ballard ( daughter of James Cal Ballard and Willie Eudora Craig) and John Brooks (son of John Brooke and Roxanna Permilia Smith)

Parents of Susie Mae Cooper were Sarah Elizabeth Carter and Levi Benjamin Carter 

Family Photos