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Ancestors of Beverly M. Dowell

      147. Mary Carson, born 1732; died 1790.

More About Hercules Ogle and Mary Carson:
Marriage: 1754
Child of Hercules Ogle and Mary Carson is:
  73 i.   Mary Ogle, born June 24, 1770 in North Carolina; died 1824 in Breckenridge County, Kentucky; married Absolom Robbins March 13, 1787 in Franklin Co., Virginia.

      152. Abraham Hanks, born Abt. 1740 in Amelia County, VA; died July 10, 1833 in Lincoln County,TN. He was the son of 304. Luke Hanks and 305. Elizabeth. He married 153. Sarah Harper.

      153. Sarah Harper, born in Prince William County,VA; died 1792 in Virginia. She was the daughter of 306. George Harper and 307. Elizabeth Shipley.

Notes for Abraham Hanks:
Abraham and Sarah resided in Fauquier County,VA in 1773. He accompanied William Calk to Boonesborough,Ky.,(then Virginia) and helped survey the town. Abraham returned to Virginia in the autumn of 1775. He witinessed to an apprenticeship paper, brown to Calk in Prince William Co.,Virginia and tithed in the same county for the years 1782-3. Abraham was a blacksmith by trade.

More About Abraham Hanks:
Military: August 1777, Revolution, Capt.John Talbot's Company; Enlisted second time in 1779 in Capt.Holman Rice's Co.
Occupation: Blacksmith and mechanic
Children of Abraham Hanks and Sarah Harper are:
  i.   Abraham Jr Hanks, born Abt. 1770 in Fauquier Co.,Virginia; died Abt. 1814 in Montgomery County, Kentucky; married Mary Polly Combs January 12, 1792.
  Notes for Abraham Jr Hanks:
Abraham moved to Caswell County, NC and lived there about three years, He was taxed in Caswell County 1791-1793, by 1800 he had moved to Kentucky. He took out a Tavern license in 1806 in Montgomery County, KY. In 1810, he was living in Hardin County, KY making cow bells. In 1810, Polly Hanks was listed as Head of House. Mary "Polly" Combs Hanks lived in Montgomery County until about 1830. She then moved to Edgar County, Illinois. In 1831 she married Cornelius Ringo.

  More About Abraham Hanks and Mary Combs:
Marriage: January 12, 1792

  ii.   Luke Hanks, born 1771 in Fauquier County, VA; died 1855 in Breckenridge County, Kentucky; married Leunna Statt January 04, 1792.
  Notes for Luke Hanks:
Luke was named for his grandfather, Luke Hanks and Uncle Luke Hanks. He was born in Fauquier County, VA. He moved to Halifax County.NC and then to Knox County, TN, then to Breckenridge County, KY. He was a waggoner and blacksmith by trade. He made large wagons used by pioneers imigrating to Texas.

  More About Luke Hanks:
Burial: Union Star Cemetery
Military service: Revolutionary War
Nationality: English descent
Occupation: Farmer

  More About Luke Hanks and Leunna Statt:
Marriage: January 04, 1792

  76 iii.   William Hanks, Sr, born 1775 in Prince William County, VA; died 1857 in Breckenridge County, Kentucky; married (1) Margaret Wilson December 28, 1797 in Madison County, Kentucky; married (2) Elizabeth Lloyd July 09, 1811; married (3) Elizabeth Lloyd July 09, 1811.
  iv.   George Hanks, born 1782 in Prince William County, Virginia; died 1812 in Montgomery County, Kentucky; married (1) Slyvia Harper; married (2) Slyvia Harper.
  Notes for George Hanks:
George Hanks was born after his father, Abraham, returned home from the Revoultionary War, in Prince William County, VA. He was moved, with his family, when a baby, to Campbell County. He was orphaned at about the age of ten and, with his brother, Fielding, probably was placed with the Harper family. He married Sibby Harper, daughter of John Harper, the early pioneer of Fort Boonesborough. George died in Montgomery County, as his probate records show, and left his widow with three small children; Fielden and Fedelia, twins, and Stephen England. His widow, Sibby, married James Miller and removed to Putnam County, Indiana.

The son, Fielden, became a tanner at Milton, Illinois. He, according to his grandson, Steve Hanks, was an emotional man, as was his mother, Sibby. Since Fielden had not seen his mother for about twenty years, he took his family by wagon and team, across Illinois and into Indiana to visit her. His mother, upon seeing him, began to scream and laugh and cry, hysterically; so much it scared one of Fielden's sons, who crawled into a huge trunk to hide. When he was missed a search was made in the nearby woods; the search became an anxious and frantic one. It was even thought that he may have been left at the noontime campsite. The oncoming cold night air made someone look in the trunk for heavier clothing, where the boy was found soundly sleeping.

  v.   Fielden Hanks, born 1783 in Prince William County, Virginia; died August 13, 1861 in Morgan, Kentucky; married Lydia Harper.
  Notes for Fielden Hanks:
Fielden Hanks was born in 1783, according to his ages given in subsequent Census records. According to Vital Statistics of Kentucky, he died August 13, 1861 in Morgan, formerly Montgomery, now Wolfe County. He is buried in the Churchyard at Campton.

He, like his brother, George, was reared in the Harper family and he married Lydia Harper, who was born in Fort Boonesborough, the daughter of John Harper.

Fielden resided and farmed for many years, on the good land of Slate Creek, not far from Harper's Station, but later moved farther into the mountains, where he was in better hunting territory. He was such a great hunter that the traditon was recalled and told to Mrs. Hitchcock, a Hanks history researcher, in 1895. That Fielden was fond of hunting and proud of his rifle is evidenced by the picture of him and his gun on an old tintype. In the earliest settling of Kentucky, it was necessary to hunt for game for food.
Fielden was also a "great drinker!" If he was a patron of his brother, Abraham, Jr.'s tavern, he likely paid for his dram wth a 'coon-skin,' the then frontier monetary unit of value.

  vi.   Nancy Hanks, born February 05, 1784 in Campbell County, Virginia; died October 05, 1818 in Spencer County, Indiana; married Thomas Lincoln June 12, 1806 in Washington County, Kentucky; born January 06, 1778 in Rockingham County, Virgina.
  More About Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks:
Marriage: June 12, 1806, Washington County, Kentucky

  vii.   John Hanks, born 1786 in Campbell County, Virginia; died 1838; married Amy Swift November 11, 1814 in Henry County, Kentucky.
  Notes for John Hanks:
According to a tradition preserved in Hopkins County, Kentucky, John accompanied his sister, Nancy, both riding horseback, to meet Tom Lincoln for their wedding. Tom purchased his wedding suit and rode also to, as he was thinking, his wedding, But, by some mistake, either the bride or bridegroom went to the wrong place, and the wedding was postponed for a couple of days until the bride and groom were got together!

John died in an accident around 1838; supposedly while hauling logs to the Fleetwood Hanks woodyard on the Ohio River.

  More About John Hanks and Amy Swift:
Marriage: November 11, 1814, Henry County, Kentucky

  viii.   James Hanks, born 1788.
  ix.   Sarah (Sally) Hanks, born 1788 in Campbell County, VA; died 1876 in Edgar County, Illinois; married (1) James Hanks; married (2) Andrew Varvell.
  Notes for Sarah (Sally) Hanks:
When Sarah Hanks Varvell, "Granny Sally" died in 1876 in Edgar County, Illinois, she was known to be about 90. Her grandchildren knew her to be orphaned at an early age and had been "farmed out" or lived with the Ringo family. The Ringo family lived in Montgomery, later Bath County, Kentucky.

Sarah married James Hanks and two children were born: William and Permelia. James Hanks was a noted hunter in the mountains of Kentucky; was in the Battle of Tippecanoe and in the War of 1812, and never returned home. It was, by the older ones, supposed that he went west to become a "Mountain Man." Whatever happened to James, Sarah later married Andrew Varvell, moved to Edgar County, Illinois with her son, William, and had no more children.

She is buried in the Ogden graveyard about four miles south of Paris, Illinois.

One of her granddaughters recollected, when an old lady, and related how, when she was a little girl, she would run off from home and go through the woods to visit the grandmother and eat carb apple cobbler.

  More About Sarah (Sally) Hanks:
Burial: Ogden Graveyard/ Paris, Illinois

  x.   Mary (Polly) Hanks, born 1792; died September 09, 1854 in St. Francois County, Missouri.
  Notes for Mary (Polly) Hanks:
Mary "Polly" Hanks was born in 1792, according to the report she gave a census taker in 1850; this date is in substantial agreement with known dates of incidents connected with her brothers and sisters, It was know that as the mother of Sarah Hanks Varvell died in childbirth, and since Polly was hte last child born, it places the death of the mother, Sarah Harper Hanks as 1792.

It is conjecture that Polly may have been cared for by the Lynch family of Campbell County. She may have come to Kentucky with her brother, William, as she lived near him at one time.

Polly became a school teacher. Her grandson stated that she taught reading, writing and geography. During the last eight or nine years of her life the people would take turns taking her to and from the schoolhouse.

Polly moved with her children to Indiana and lived a few miles north of the Tom Lincoln family, with whom her oldest daughter, Sophie, lived and attended school; walked three miles with Sarah and Abe to school.

Polly later lived with her daughter, Margaret, in St. Francois County, Missouri, where she died September 9, 1854. She is buried about three miles southwest of Bismark, Missouri.

      170. James Anderson He married 171. Sara Senfield.

      171. Sara Senfield
Child of James Anderson and Sara Senfield is:
  85 i.   Elizabeth Anderson, born 1787; died 1839; married Absolom Robbins II.

      174. James Lloyd
Child of James Lloyd is:
  87 i.   Elizabeth Lloyd, married William Hanks, Sr July 09, 1811.

      224. Younger Wardrip, born 1774 in Wake County, NC; died 1835 in Hart County, Kentucky. He was the son of 448. James Wardrip. He married 225. Ann Reece.

      225. Ann Reece, born Bet. 1765 - 1775 in NC.
Children of Younger Wardrip and Ann Reece are:
  i.   Reece Wardrip, died August 10, 1854 in Hart County, Kentucky; married Catherine Waddle 1812; born Abt. 1787; died December 19, 1854.
  More About Reece Wardrip and Catherine Waddle:
Marriage: 1812

  ii.   William Wyett Wardrip, married Honor Houston.
  iii.   Nancy Wardrip, born 1796 in NC; died 1857 in Newton, Iowa; married Joseph Logsdon.
  iv.   Uriah S Wardrip, born 1798 in Meklinburg County, Montgomery, NC; died October 14, 1861 in Harrison County, Missouri; married Eunice Logsdon.
  112 v.   Jr Younger Wardrip, born 1799 in Meklinburg County, Montgomery, NC; married Delilah Houston.
  vi.   Ransome Wardrip, born 1808 in Hart County, Kentucky; married Nancy Bush.

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